Pagina de web pricipala a proiectului unPi.ro (donez un Pi pe an pentru .RO)

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Hi there,

I guess you came here via our Patreon page.

This site, project and github repository are about helping unprivileged children from Romania get fast access to the Internet, and especially start programming in Golang using a tailored Go course in the Romanian language we create.

Go is a modern programming language invented at Google (by one of the founders of the C programming language). This language was designed from the get go to be simple to learn, safe to use, with built-in support for concurrency and multi platform.

In Computer Science engineering speak: concurrency is the capacity of a program to run inside a computer on all installed processors at the same time, and true multi platform means you write your program once, but then compile & use it on various computer types: from the very small like Pi, to tablets, laptops, desktops, up to room sized servers.

Why Romania?

What are you gifting to a Romanian child?

P.S: the project is at the moment a private initiative (and we have started the oficial registation in Romania as a Non Profit).

From my side, my supporters, and likely the future computer science careers we’re likely to shape together: I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your hard earned contribution and we’ll be forever in your debt.

Ciprian & co